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Tips on Group Discussions

1. GD is not merely about how much you know, but also about your social intelligence. Don't be pushy. Don't fight for your arguments. Accommodate others. But don't be too quiet. You have to take initiative and speak up no one is going to give it to you in a platter. You must find the natural opening where your point fits in.

2. Arguments and logical inferences are better appreciated than general claims. Don't waste your time saying generally known and accepted stuff. Don't try to show off how much facts you know. Rather come up with a sharp argument that will be the best.

3. When there is no new argument to be made, or people are arguing too much, introduce new facts and invite arguments in light of such facts. That way you facilitate discussion that helps.

4. Being co-operative rather than competitive helps. If everyone else is being very competitive, still let your efforts to co-operate with others stand out.

5. Even if you know nothing good on the topic, simply take the role of the moderator of the discussion. That's a valuable role. First carefully hear out for a while what others are saying. Focus on rationalizing and summing up the different arguments brought forth by others, try to find a conciliatory approach and bridge gaps between different points raised. For a moderator it is important take notes during GD. However, should avoid the temptation of overdoing it.

6. You may not be the wisest or the wittiest guy in the room, but you could certainly be the nicest. That is appreciated.